Weezer and Charles Bukowski Provided the Soundtrack to Virgil Abloh’s PFW Show

Abloh is a Weez head.

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Weezer's 1994 classic "Only in Dreams" is more than eight minutes long, making it the perfect slice of Weez for a runway show. For Off-White's Fall/Winter presentation at Paris Fashion Week Wednesday, Virgil Abloh let the Weezer cut ride out in full while showing his new collection titled Business Casual.

The show kicked off with some excerpted audio from the late Charles Bukowski, whose lamentations of the thankless existence of a nine-to-five set the tone for Abloh's interpretation of business-meets-casual. Bukowski faded into Weez, which faded into Tyler, the Creator's Scum Fuck Flower Boy standout "See You Again." Fucking perfect.

Though it was likely meant as solely a tease for Wednesday's Paris Fashion Week show and/or a joke, Weezer did recently share a 'gram stating they were "currently working on the 'OFF WHITE ALBUM' c/o @virgilabloh." For what it's worth, frontman Rivers Cuomo told Dazed last year that the band's long-rumored Black Album—the next in their series of color-themed releases—could be dropping as early as this May. Back in 2016, Weezer dropped White Album before quickly following that up with last year's Pacific Daydream.

Even if we don't get some sort of continuation of the Weez x Abloh vibes, there's plenty to celebrate in the Off-White camp. Abloh announced a budget-conscious collection earlier this month titled NOT ONCE AND FOR ALL. Abloh's also set to overhaul the IKEA shopping experience with a collab that, according to him, will introduce "new solutions for a millennial's first home."


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