Watch Billie Eilish Punch Jimmy Kimmel While Checking Off Bucket List Entries

Billie Eilish stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' for a performance of her new album's title track, as well as a lengthy interview featuring some bucket list talk.

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Billie Eilish had the unique opportunity of punching Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night.

During the Happier Than Ever artist’s extended appearance on the late-night talk show, she was asked about a bucket list she made when she was 12. The list of goals—a photo of which is shown in the video up top—includes meeting Justin Bieber, getting kicked out of a Target, zip lining above a city, riding a dolphin, cutting someone’s hair, going to Paris, and punching someone.

While a number of the entries have since been transformed into reality, Kimmel invited Eilish to finish out the rest “with the exception of the dolphin” in front of his audience. First up, a volunteer from the audience stepped up for a haircut. From there, attention was turned to the aforementioned punching.

“Now, you know what, I think you should punch me because I’m probably the strongest person here,” Kimmel told Eilish. “Don’t hold back. I’m like a seal, I’m telling you. Hit me as hard as you want in the stomach.” 

Just before doing exactly that, Eilish detailed how her bucket list mention of punching someone was being graciously altered. “Well, the goal was for the face but I’m not going to do that to you,” she joked.

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Earlier into the episode, Eilish had reminded Kimmel of a previous appearance on the show, specifically a 2019 interview during which she was asked about pop culture elements from decades prior. The interview spurred a bit of ridiculous controversy at the time, particularly among more get-off-my-lawny rock fans, but Eilish “didn’t really care” about that.

“Wait, really quick, do you remember the last time I was here and you made me look a little stupid?” Eilish said around eight minutes into the clip above. “I thought it was funny because I was playing along and everybody thought I was actually serious and didn’t know anything.” For Kimmel’s part, he said he “didn’t do it on purpose” and also mocked the reactions spurred by the Van Halen-centered portion of the 2019 interview. 

Later, from atop the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Eilish was joined by Finneas to perform the title track to her new album. See that below. 

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