Tyler, the Creator Raps 'I Called Drizzy and Y’all Booed Him Last Time' at Flog Gnaw 2023

This weekend, Tyler's beloved Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival returned for the first time since 2019.

tyler the creator at louis vuitton event
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tyler the creator at louis vuitton event

Tyler, the Creator’s undeniable, unmissable Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival performance this weekend included a lyrical tweak to “LUMBERJACK” jokingly referencing Drake's booing incident from 2019.

As fans know, the most recent iteration of Flog Gnaw prior to the 2023 edition was back in 2019, with Drake being brought out as a surprise guest. Per attendees, the response to the "Summer Games" sequel denier's unexpected appearance was initially positive, although the mood shifted when it became clear that Frank Ocean—who had been rumored and even expected by some to also be showing up—was not going to hit the stage.

At this weekend's edition of the (usually) annual throwdown, Tyler cleverly tweaked the opening verse of his 2021 single "LUMBERJACK," which already saw him rapping that he “hit Drizzy and told him I had a milli for him,” itself a reference to Flog Gnaw.

“I called Drizzy and y’all booed him last time,” Tyler rapped in the Flog Gnaw 2023 version of the track, later also amending "MSG" in the chorus to instead name Dodger Stadium, the site of the festival.

Tyler has addressed the 2019 booing incident in the past, including later that year on an episode of Kerwin Frost Talks.

"Everyone thought Frank was gonna be there but I never said he was or implied it or anything," Tyler said at the time. "Drake came out and a couple people were mad. Everyone's having a good time but there were a few people in the front who were just not fucking with it."

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In the same interview, Tyler compared the situation to someone inviting a guest to their home, only for their children to start urinating on said guest’s leg.

In a more immediate reaction that November, Tyler said the moment made Flog Gnaw at large "look sooo entitled and trash."

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