Tyler, the Creator Clarifies His "Dads" Instagram of Kanye West and Pharrell, Dubs Them "F*cking Gods"

"I look up to them so much," says Tyler.

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Though Tyler, the Creator's avid appreciation for all things Kanye West and Pharrell Williams is certainly no secret, a 'gram he shared earlier this year took the worthy heaps of praise to a new level:

Dads...of what, exactly? Music? Art? Life itself? A full 25 weeks later, Tyler has revealed his thought process behind that deceptively simple caption in a verbose new interview with Breaks:

Speaking of funny… We saw a recent photo on your Instagram, with Pharrell and Kanye that you’d captioned Dads, can you tell us a bit more about it?

In addition to dropping fully supported truths about a couple of art gods, Tyler also reiterated one of life's most important revelations:

I like animals they’re cool, but talking to animals like regular people is so fucking funny. 

Please go on. 

Well I didn’t say much to [the cats], I remember meeting some animals and joking round saying stuff like "Hey man, I got some drugs, you wanna smoke?"

Peep the full interview here

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