Tyler, the Creator's love for Vans sneakers is well documented through his numerous collaborations with the California skate brand. While two of the three collaborations were done through Tyler's brand, Golf Wang, the Old Skool silhouette has been the focal point of all of his work with Vans. In an interview with London's Breaks Magazine, the rapper, producer, and business owner talks about skating,  his mini-ramp at home and why he loves fans so much. 

When asked if skating was where his love affair with Vans began, Tyler said, "Yeah I been wearing Vans since 7th grade, it’s been my go to shoe for such a long time. Making things with my favorite shoe company is rad- I’m happy."

If his favorite sneaker wasn't apparent through his collaborations, he cleared any doubt. When asked what his favorite Vans were Tyler said, "I wear Old Skools 24/7."

Check out the full interview with Tyler, the Creator here.




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