Soulja Boy Argues With Famous Dex on Instagram Live: 'You a F*ckin' Junkie'

Soulja Boy is having one hell of a 2019 so far.

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As the year of Soulja Boy continues to unfold before us, we should probably expect a lot more articles like this.

Wednesday night, Big Draco—fresh off assessing, among other things, Kanye West's Trump era on The Breakfast Club—quite vehemently called out Famous Dex for a multitude of reasons during an Instagram Live session. "And Famous Sex, you better watch your fucking mouth too, n***a," he said. "The fuck is wrong with you?"

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According to Soulja, Dex originally came to LA and had a meeting at his house during which SOD Money Gang moves were discussed. "And after you left you went and signed with Rich the Kid, n***a," Soulja said. "Famous Dex, stop playing with me, n***a. N***a, you fake, n***a. You ain't no real n***a. You a bitch."

Soulja then proceeded to call Dex a "junkie" multiple times. "I put you on, you ungrateful ass little crackhead," he said. "Fuck is wrong with you, n***a? You a fuckin' junkie, n***a. When you left my house, you left, like, a 100 x pills on the ground. You a fuckin' junkie, foamin' out the side of your mouth."

Following a solo response from Dex, the two then upgraded the argument to a livestreamed back-and-forth during which they both screamed into the camera. 


Also, this apparently happened:

Thursday (Jan. 17) Soulja Boy hit Everyday Struggle and shared more of his thoughts on Famous Dex, starting at the 3:50 mark below:

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