Snoop Dogg's Birthday Party Was So Flames the Club Actually Caught Fire

44 years young and still throwing down at Club Heat.

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Imagine your most recent attempt at a birthday extravaganza. Did you have decorative chandeliers and and a crowd of adoring fans? Snoop Dogg employed both of those tactics for his 44th birthday celebration at Heat Ultra Lounge, though Snoop's night was ultimately ruined when one of those decorative chandeliers burst into flames shortly before midnight.

The crowd of hundreds was quickly evacuated before the party was canceled entirely, according to esteemed literary journal TMZ. The fire reportedly began just before Snoop was scheduled to take the stage, eventually prompting the club’s floor to be flooded by the sprinkler system.

As Snoop’s birthday isn’t technically until Oct. 20, that leaves roughly 48 hours for Snoop to reschedule the event before crossing into the much-maligned territory of having a birthday party well after one’s actual day of birth.

HBD Snoop.

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