Saweetie Aims for Summer Domination With Lady Gaga-Inspired New Single "NANi"

Gaga's oft-memed breakdown of the hard work behind getting 'The Fame' off the ground gets a rework in the pre-chorus to Saweetie's latest.

Person posing with leg lifted, wearing bejeweled outfit and heels, holding hairdryer, with "Saweetie"  text
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Person posing with leg lifted, wearing bejeweled outfit and heels, holding hairdryer, with "Saweetie"  text

An oft-referenced, rightfully celebrated Lady Gaga interview from the Born This Way era serves as a key inspiration behind Saweetie’s just-released new single, "NANi."

In the track’s pre-chorus, the two-time Grammy nominee tucks in a playful nod to the hectic but rewarding schedule Gaga spoke of in her 2011 Fuse interview that’s become something of a mainstay over the years. 

Like plane, Sprintеr, glam, to the club
Back door, section, shots, another club
Two shows, one night, what's that? A hundred-plus
Whole room full of bad bitches, it's a lot of us

The Gaga interview in question, a portion of which can be found below, saw the star of the upcoming Joker sequel pointing out the fittingly grueling work at the heart of her Born This Way predecessor The Fame, which featured breakout hits "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" and marked her full-length studio debut.

"I had to fight for a year, tooth and nail," Gaga said at the time. "Blood, sweat, and leather every night. No sleep, bus, club, 'nother club, 'nother club, plane, next place, no sleep, no fear. Nobody believed in me."

The classic interview is also full of additional gems, including some should-be-more-widely-heeded insight into the healthiest, most artist-centered approach when it comes to engaging with your audience.

"I don’t create based on reaction," Gaga said at one point in the discussion with Touré. "My relationship with my fans is not reactionary. … We move like an amoeba across the pastures of culture."

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As Saweetie explained in a statement released in tandem with the "NANi" rollout on Friday, her latest single shouldn’t be viewed as simply "just a track." Instead, it was written to serve as the "soundtrack to a good time," ideally one that takes place on, or near, the dancefloor.

"This track def gives main character energy!" Saweetie said. "This single has been a labor of love, and it's just the beginning. I've been working on this new music for a while, and I'm excited to share more of this journey with you."

Saweetie poses in an embellished green top with a flowing pink bottom and heels

"NANi" is produced by Jean-Baptiste, Karl Rubin, Shawn Wasabi, Ryland Blackington, and Ryan Buendia. Listen here and/or watch the track’s official, summer-ready video below. As Saweetie herself is teasing, there’s more new music on the way.

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Directed by Chandler Lass

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