Safaree Talks Remy Ma Diss and Tells Nicki Minaj to Pay Him on 'Wendy Williams Show'

Safaree talks with Wendy Williams about the Nicki and Remy situation.

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Safaree Samuels, who previously dated Nicki Minaj, dropped in on the Wendy Williams Show Tuesday to discuss the recent pair of Remy Ma disses. Minaj's team tried to keep the interview from happening, Samuels claimed during the 11-minute chat.

"It's crazy because, my name just being in it," Safaree said when asked about being part of one of what Williams considers the "biggest" rap feuds. "I was on a flight when that landed, and then when I landed I'm like, I hoping somebody didn't die because I had about 300 calls and text messages of a whole bunch of people hitting me up."

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Safaree also said he wanted to be compensated for his time with Nicki, citing their "collaborative effort" of making music. "It's only fair," he said. "Suppose you went and you worked on the Wendy show for a good eight [or] nine months, and then at the end of the nine months, the show blows up." Near the end of the interview, Safaree sent a message to Nicki. "Do what's right," he said. "That's it. Do what's right. You know what I did." Meek Mill, Safaree told Williams, was a driving force in their split.

Safaree previously spoke on the Remy vs. Nicki situation last month when TMZhit him up for some "shETHER" commentary. "It's just a very disrespectful, disrespectful record," he said. "Like, it's probably one of the most disrespectful records I've ever heard in my life." As for his thoughts on a possible response record, Safaree couldn't imagine topping Remy. "It's not even about the streets being behind [Nicki] or not," he said. "It's like, what can you even say to Remy? There's really not much."

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