Rick Ross on Signing Women to MMG: 'I Gotta F*ck a Couple Times'

Rick Ross previously received backlash for lyrics bragging about drugging a woman's drink and taking her home.

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Rick Ross' recent Breakfast Club interview has mostly received attention for his comments on Tyga's financial dispute with Cash Money co-founder Birdman and the aftermath of his Rather You Than Me single "Idols Become Rivals." At around the 8:45 mark in the video up top, however, Ross made some comments on another topic that are starting to shift the conversation.

Asked by host Angela Yee about the possibility of bringing women into the Maybach Music Group family, Ross explained his reasoning as follows:

You know, I never did it because I always thought, like, I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up. I'm so focused on my business. I just, I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good. I'm spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fuck a couple times.

Ross was also asked about the possibility of mentoring younger artists. "Most definitely," Ross said, referencing his working relationship with "my family" Brianna Perry. Watch the full interview up top.

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Back in 2013, Ross received backlash for lyrics on Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O." in which he described drugging a woman's drink and taking her home:

Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it
I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it

Ross later toldRolling Stone he doesn't "condone raping" and that the controversy stemmed from a "misinterpretation" of the lyric. "I feel like us being artists, that's our job to clarify the sensitive things and the things that we know really need to be clarified, such as a situation like this," Ross added.

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