Pusha-T on Kanye Wearing Hideous MAGA Hat: 'He Doesn't Anymore'

King Push, who most certainly has the Best Rap Album of the Year™, returns to 'The Daily Show' to talk greatness and more.

The guy who made the Best Rap Album of the Year™ was kind enough to stop by The Daily Show Tuesday night to chop it up about Grammys, Kanye West's reckless MAGA hat wearings, that little Drake thing, how his fans feel more like a family, and much more.

"He doesn't anymore," Pusha-T told host Trevor Noah when asked about his "friend and collaborator" West's prideful donning of the hideous hat about nine minutes into the video above. "He stopped. He stopped, though."

As for the two's previous conversations on that topic, Push noted the potential for difficulty when pushing back against the MAGA embrace during DAYTONA sessions.

"Can you imagine having those conversations while he's trying to make my album?" he said. "He basically has my life in his palm and I have to tell him that I hate something. We always have real conversations, though. Always. I think that's why me and him connect so well and I think that's why DAYTONA came out so well. It's a give and take. If I don't like something, I say it and he tries to correct it, and so on and so forth."

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Pusha and Noah's conversation then turned to mental health, a topic the GOOD Music boss admitted he had previously been ignorant to but is hopeful will be more openly discussed moving forward. When Noah said he considered West a "genius who is tormented by his mental health issues," the conversation then turned to the recent public discussions surrounding mental health at large.

"I've been pretty ignorant to mental health as well," Pusha said, noting that he hopes people will continue more openly discussing mental health moving forward. 'Just being honest . . . When we were coming up, nobody just looked toward that. And now, learning about it, it's a real, real thing."

Catch Pusha's full interview up top, then see where DAYTONA landed on Complex's year-end ranking.

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