Premiere: Pink Sweats Goes Dystopian in New "I Know" Video

Pink Sweats gears up for 'Volume 2' season in a new video from Thrice Cooked Media.

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For his new video for Volume 2 single "I Know," Pink Sweats takes fans on a dystopian journey complete with a rations haul and an assortment of undead.

"It's us against them," Sweats tells a fellow dystopia dweller in the video's opening moments. Catch the premiere of "I Know," a Thrice Cooked Media production, up top.


The seeming quickness of the Pink Sweats rise to YouTube success is well-documented. In an interview with Billboard in January, the Philadelphia artist spoke candidly on his beginnings as a demo vocalist, a skill that ultimately landed him a job at the iconic Sigma Sound Studios.

"I ain't really listen to different styles of music until I was like 17 or 18," Sweats, who grew up "super Christian," said at the time. "I guess I would say it's a mixture of things. Maroon 5 was one of them. Avril Lavigne was one. Kanye West was huge for me on the rap side. The first rap album I listened to was 50 Cent, then it was Kanye."

As for the attire choice that ultimately inspired his moniker, Sweats gives that inspiration distinction to none other than Cam'ron. "Growing up, I wasn't allowed to listen to a lot of types of music," he said. "But you see visuals, and when I seen Cam'ron and I seen the pink joint, I'm like, 'Damn, that’s fresh as shit.'"

Pink Sweats dropped his six-track Volume 1 dropped back in November. Volume 2, which has already been completed, will arrive March 29.

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