Nicki Minaj Reunited With Drake and Twitter Lost It

Nicki and Drake reunited on Instagram and sent Twitter into sheer chaos.

The usually lifeless task of the early morning Instagram scroll got a shot in the arm Wednesday when Nicki Minaj shared a captionless reunion photo with Drake, sending the internet down a rabbit hole of hasty jokes and collective shock from which we may never recover. Though the 'gram itself offered zero explanation for the reunion, sources close to the Young Money team tellTMZ that the photo emerged from a "peace summit" with Mack Maine and Lil Wayne.

The photos, according toTMZ, were taken during a meeting in Miami on Jan. 12 after Drake called up Maine while watching Nicki and Wayne's appearance on an ESPN segment. Days earlier, Nicki and noted Drake sparrer Meek Mill announced the end of their relationship.

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And now we must thrust you into that rabbit hole we mentioned earlier:

With Drake's More Life playlist seemingly dropping soon, the timing here is almost too perfect.

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