Nelly Is Really Bad at Pictionary

But he's still got hits.

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Though he's still not working on that actual country album he promised us and likely never will, Nelly is keeping undeniably busy with a variety of other projects including but certainly not limited to Pictionary. Though accounts of Nelly's previous displays of Pictionary potential are largely nonexistent, the documentary footage above provides a roller coaster of emotions before finally arriving at the sad conclusion that Nelly actually really sucks at Pictionary:

Do you see that? Nelly thinks that's a perfectly reasonable visual representation of the popular Halloween activity known as trick-or-treating. By his estimations, that's a very short man without feet levitating above what appears to be an IKEA table with a magician's hat atop it (TRICK!) and the giant face without pupils that seems to be attached to the levitating man without feet, well, that's the real treat, isn't it?

Protect Pictionary At All Costs.

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