Maroon 5's Adam Levine Reflects on Widely Panned Super Bowl Halftime Show

In an Instagram note presumably written while pointlessly shirtless, the Maroon 5 frontman looked back on a fateful Sunday night.


Image via Getty/Kevin Winter


There's no possible way to overstate just how egregiously shitty the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show was. Not even Travis Scott, who crashed into the stage off the strength of a liftedSpongeBob meme with a noticeable air of apoliticism, could salvage this atrocity.

Still, Adam Levine—noted collector of bland tattoos and frontman for headliners Maroon 5 —appears to believe something good happened Sunday night.

"When we accepted the responsibility to perform at the SBHTS, I took out my pen and just wrote," Levine said in an Instagram caption Sunday night after underwhelming millions. "Some of the words that came to me in that moment eventually made their way onto the incredible lanterns that flew high and low tonight. We thank the universe for this historic opportunity to play on the world's biggest stage. We thank our fans for making our dreams possible. And we thank our critics for always pushing us to do better."

For what it's worth, the "critics" he says have pushed the band to "do better" must not be pushing hard enough. The Los Angeles outfit's most recent full-length, 2017's Red Pill Blues, has been described by critics as "atrocious," "numbing," and "half-hearted."

Anyway, Levine went on to actually list out the words he says he listed after first accepting the Super Bowl gig. The words listed do, in fact, roughly coincide with words you might find chiseled into Hobby Lobby decor pieces:

If Levine really believed in the power of words, perhaps he should have shared a few in support of Colin Kaepernick.

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