Lil Uzi Vert Reunites With Nardwuar for Heartwarming New Interview Ahead of ‘Pink Tape’ Release

In the new interview, Uzi calls Nardwuar one of their "best friends." They also encourage those watching to "eat more bugs" because they're "really good."

Video via Nardwuar

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Video via Nardwuar

Lil Uzi Vert and Nardwuar, whose history of classic YouTubery together is well-documented, have reunited once again.

Uzi’s latest appearance on Nardwuar’s long-running interview series was filmed backstage at the 2023 edition of Lyrical Lemonade’s Summer Smash festival, which they headlined.

The new video proves to be a heartwarming one, complete with references to the two’s viral moment from 2018 in which Uzi quite ceremoniously fled Nardwuar’s interview. Due to the fondness many have for that clip, as well as for the Nardwuar sample on Uzi’s 2019 track “Futsal Shuffle 2020,” fans (as seen above) have taken to commemorating the duo with a range of handmade art.

"Where have you been?" Uzi asked Nardwuar at one point in the new interview, followed by the two giving each other a hug. "I haven’t saw you in a long time. Making me cry."

Elsewhere, Uzi calls Nardwuar one of their “best friends” and invites him to pay a visit to their home.

“You could just come to my house and have dinner,” Uzi suggested, adding that they'd teach the interviewer how to play Call of Duty.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which Uzi considers “the greatest movie ever,” also got some serious screen time in the new Nardwuar interview.

“One of the best movies I ever saw in my life,” Uzi said when presented with a vinyl of the film’s soundtrack. “I’ve been watching movies a very long time and I haven’t found a movie that tops this movie. The story behind this movie, the cinematography, the action. Everything about this movie is just so perfect for the time that it came out and it’s classic and timeless and a gem to Canada and America and the whole world.”

See the full interview above. As studious Uzi fans will note, the discussion spurs a couple references to the recently Instagrammed footage of Uzi enjoying insect delicacies. At one point, Uzi says they’re currently “on a bug diet.” They also bring the topic back up with their sign-off message before closing things out with a fitting reference to the aforementioned flee-the-interview moment.

“I should encourage people to eat more bugs,” Uzi said. “They’re really good.”

The new Nardwuar chat arrives at the perfect time, as this Friday marks the release of the long-teased Pink Tape project.

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