Lil Uzi Vert Previews a Ton of Unreleased Music and Teases New Project

As 'Eternal Atake' continues making well-earned appearances across a variety of year-end lists, Uzi is giving fans a deep sampling of what's ahead.


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With Eternal Atake now making frequent, well-earned appearances across a variety of year-end lists, Lil Uzi Vert—whose 2020 catalog also included a Future collab album—is publicly plotting his next chapter.

On Instagram Live over the weekend, the ever-prolific Uzi previewed a trove of unreleased music. At one point, Uzi confirmed that fans could expect a SoundCloud tape to drop at some point.

"Everything, when I drop my SoundCloud tape, is gonna have all SoundCloud vibes on there," he said. "Like, bops."

Elsewhere on IG Live, Uzi also spoke on the Eternal Atake era while talking of a new album. Given the manner of his delivery of these comments, however, it's not clear whether this was a genuine announcement.

"So, totally, I'm coming out with an album very soon," he said. "It's gonna be a gift from me to you. I'm coming out with an album and it's gonna be really good and classic. Yeah, so, Uzi London. You know, it's gonna be a really great one. It's gonna be one that you never ever get tired of. It's gonna be like that, you know, that sound. I stepped away from that sound."

Connecting his comments to EA, Uzi continued: "It was the experimental time of Uzi," he said. "Y'all motherfuckers didn't want that."

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Peep more of Uzi's IG session via the two-hour video below:

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Eternal Atake arrived in early March of this year, notably hitting at a time when the seriousness of the brewing pandemic had yet to fully infiltrate day-to-day life. As a result, listening back to the Heaven's Gate-inspired concept album in the months since at once puts the listener back into the vague optimism of early 2020 with an ear toward what life can be like post-coronavirus.

That experience landed at No. 3 on Complex's recently released Best Albums of 2020 list. See the full ranking here.

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