Lil Peep Responds to Fan Demand by Dropping Debut Album Early

Lil Peep's debut album is here.

lil peep

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lil peep

Lil Peep's debut, Come Over When You're Sober (Part One), is here. Peep dropped the seven-track album at midnight, just days after a last-minute release date change was announced. Late Monday night, Peep asked everyone to take their shirts off and give the album a listen:

Come Over When You're Sober was initially set for an Aug. 11 release. Shortly before the album's would-be release, the date was pushed back to Sept. 1. Finally, late Monday afternoon, Peep announced that the album would actually be hitting the usual streaming providers at the stroke of midnight due to "fan demand."

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Peep wrote the album in collaboration with Rob Cavallo (Green Day producer), Dylan Mullen, IVIVIVI, and Juan Alderete. Production was handled by IVIVIVI and Smokeasac.

"It's a kind of therapy for me," Peep said of his new music in a press release. "I don't even know who I'm channeling, it could be a combination of a hundred different artists. I'll make a melody up and lyrics will come to my head that relate to my life, that can relate to other people's lives too."

Stream the pop punk-esque Come Over When You're Sober (Part One) via Soundcloud below. If Apple Music is more your speed, click here. Fans should expect a new video for album cut "Awful Things" this Thursday.

Peep's Come Over When You're Sober North American tour kicks off in October at Neumos in Seattle, Washington. Check the full list of dates below:

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