The Phone Number on the Cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Honeymoon' Album Is Real

The number leads to the "Honeymoon Hotline," featuring some words of wisdom from Elon Musk.

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With Lana Del Rey's confirmed cold weather classic Honeymoonarriving on September 18, the promotional powers that be are working their usual magic. Thankfully, Lana's team has abandoned the traditional hoopla for something far more interesting: a decidedly cerebral hotline where Lana devotees can ponder things like the beginning of the universe and famed inventor Elon Musk's role in its survival.

When Lana unveiled the cover art for Honeymoon earlier this week, people of course started dialing the slightly obscured number that appears in the bottom left corner. However, the number appeared to be inactive or just a hapless pursuit ruined by sheer coincidence. On Friday evening, those hotline hopes were renewed with the revelation that the number does, in fact, work and is most definitely Lana-approved:

So, dial 1-800-268-7886 and enjoy a recorded message from Lana, the new single "Terrence Loves You," a lecture on the birth of the universe, and a rousing TED talk from the aforementioned Musk. This "Honeymoon Hotline" is expected to be updated each week ahead of Honeymoon's release, so call often and enthusiastically.


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