Kid Cudi Reflects on Goals He Set for Himself in Old Myspace Bio: ‘I Had That Fire Burnin in Me’

The 'Man on the Moon III' artist and 'Don't Look Up' actor looks back fondly on his swiftly proven ambitions as a 22-year-old creator on Myspace.


Image via Getty/Jamie McCarthy


For some of us, the mere mention of Myspace conjures up a swath of deeply embedded memories spanning the full spectrum of human emotion. But for Kid Cudi, looking back on his own Myspace period brings about a much simpler feeling: gratitude for the journey.

Amid a round of fan interactions on Sunday night, the Man on the Moon III artist shared another Twitter user’s post that included screenshots of his old Myspace profile pic and bio. In the bio, written when Cudi was 22 years old, the Mad Solar co-founder wrote of wanting to take “hip hop or music n general 2 a whole nother level.” He also expressed a desire to bring his unique lens to the Grammys.

“I don’t wanna get in da game 2 blend in, I’m tryna change da face of it,” he wrote at the time.

Of course, Cudi most certainly did prove as influential as he was aiming for back then. And with his work on Kanye West’s classic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy single “All of the Lights,” he became a Grammy winner.

When reflecting on his early ambitions and how they ultimately came to pass, Cudi told fans on Sunday it was “so wild” to look back.

“I had that fire burnin in me,” he said. “Everything I said in this bio, I did. Fuckin unreal. Destiny.”

Later on, Cudi revealed that he still has the jacket he wore in his “Mojo So Dope” video, as well as offered a brief history of his Tubbz nickname. See more below.

Over the weekend, Cudi gave fans an update on the statuses of his multifaceted Entergalactic project and his plans for a MOTM III tour. As Cudi explained to a fan, “next level shit” takes time.

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