Kehlani Commemorates ‘6 Years of Friendship Almost 1 Year of Love’ With 070 Shake: ‘Happy Birthday My Heart’

In a birthday message to Shake, Kehlani made it Instagram official with her "Melt" video co-star and friend of six years. "You're one in a million," she said.

070 Shake, whose acclaimed new album You Can’t Kill Me was released this month, turns 25 today. To mark the occasion, Kehlani shared a post to Instagram commemorating their “6 years of friendship [and] almost 1 year of love.”

Featured in the birthday-celebrating post are a number of photos of the two, who recently starred alongside each other in the video for Kehlani’s “Melt” track.

“Happy birthday my heart,” Kehlani wrote on Monday. “6 years of friendship almost 1 year of love. nothing i say in a caption could explain or compare. you’re one in a million Dani. i love you…my very best friend.”

Both artists are fresh off the launching of new creative chapters. While Shake’s aforementioned You Can’t Kill Me arrived this month, Kehlani’s Blue Water Road—her third studio album—was released in April.

“I think I’ve found peace, I’ve found understanding, I’ve found grounding and that’s why the album feels the way that it does,” Kehlani told Complex Canada that month when asked about having timed the release of her new album to fall around her own birthday.

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