Kanye West and Kid Cudi Seen Hugging It Out at 'Vultures' Event in Las Vegas

A song previewed during the latest 'Vultures' event featured vocals from Cudi.

ye and cudi pictured
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ye and cudi pictured

Kid Cudi and the artist formerly known as Kanye West have seemingly set aside their differences.

Overnight, Ye and Cudi were seen talking and hugging shortly after the former’s latest livestream event with Ty Dolla Sign. As previously reported, Ye and Ty have a new album, titled Vultures, that’s expected to be released as soon as today. Footage from YesJulz’s Instagram Live, which was still live at the time of this writing, captured the moment between the former Kids See Ghosts collaborators.


— Donda Times (@dondatimes) December 15, 2023
Twitter: @dondatimes

The IG stream has also been giving fans a look at the combination afterparty-meets-recording-session, which was directly preceded by the aforementioned Vultures event in Las Vegas.

Ye e Cudi se abraçando na sessão de audição de Vultures agora! ❤️pic.twitter.com/Z5UPySQ2KA

— Yeezus Brasil (@YeezusBrasil_) December 15, 2023
Twitter: @YeezusBrasil_

Previewed during the event was a song, possibly titled "Gun to My Head," featuring vocals from Cudi. However, it wasn't immediately clear whether the vocals were newly recorded or taken from a previous session.

GUN TO MY HEAD ft. Kid Cudi pic.twitter.com/GqNQnCTY5s

— yzyupdates (@yzyupdates) December 15, 2023
Twitter: @yzyupdates

In April of last year, Cudi clarified the timing of the sessions behind “Rock N Roll,” a song he and Ye appeared on for Pusha T’s acclaimed It’s Almost Dry album. At the time, Cudi told fans he considered this the "last song" he and Ye would have together.

“I did this song a year ago when I was still cool w Kanye,” Cudi said in April 2022. “I am not cool w that man. He’s not my friend and I only cleared the song for Pusha cuz thats my guy. This is the last song u will hear me on w Kanye.”

At one point, Cudi was mentioned amid Ye's string of public remarks about Pete Davidson, who was then romantically linked with Kim Kardashian. In February of last year, Ye said Cudi would not be on his Donda sequel “because he’s friends with you know who,” an apparent reference to the Bupkis star and co-creator. In response, Cudi called Ye a “fuckin’ dinosaur” and said he and Ye had discussed this topic mere weeks earlier.

“You’re whack for flipping the script and posting this lie just for a look on the internet,” he said at the time, adding that Ye “ain’t no friend.” Later that year, Ye's widely criticized series of anti-Semitic remarks led up to an Alex Jones interview during which he said, "I like Hitler."

Regardless, Cudi and Ye's respective artistic journeys are forever, with each artist serving as a key collaborator at crucial points in the other's career. In commemoration of the KSG release back in 2018, Kiana Fitzgerald took a look back at the duo's history. Revisit that here.

It's unclear whether Vultures, which may or may not end up featuring the long-awaited "New Body" with Nicki Minaj, will land on streaming services at some point on Friday. As of early Friday morning, recording for the Ye and Ty joint project remained in progress.

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