Justine Skye Gets Candid About Catching Ex-Boyfriend Cheating on Her

During a lengthy IG Live session earlier this week as part of Wine Down Wednesday, the 'Space & Time' artist looked back on the wild cheating incident.

Justine Skye is pictured on a red carpet

Image via Getty/Craig Barritt/Victoria's Secret

Justine Skye is pictured on a red carpet

Justine Skye went into detail about an elaborate moment of seemingly sloppily orchestrated infidelity during a candid Instagram Live session earlier this week.

As part of her IG-broadcast Wine Down Wednesday session, the Space & Time artist went deep on the question-posing topic of “What’s the craziest lie you caught someone in?” And while since-shared recordings of the livestream do not see Skye naming names, many fans have speculated that the singer’s comments are indeed about former partner Giveon.

“As soon as he would hang up off the phone with me, as soon as he would hang up with me, he would literally be texting bitches like ‘FaceTime me. What are you doing? I’m here. Why aren’t you calling me?’” Skye recalled during the livestream, as seen at the top of the video below.

Per Skye, she was able to “hold my compsure a little bit” becaused she was able to see who this person really was. “I was just like, wow, I can’t believe, like, this is who he is,” she said. “Like, that’s insane.”

At some point amid the relationship detailed on IG Live, Skye explained that she had access to see messages the person was sending to other women in real time, revealing that he was lying about his whereabouts, among other things.

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“I see what he’s doing, the girl just pulled up,” Skye said around the 4:17 mark. “So I’m just like, ‘Call me, bro. Just call me. I’m giving you so many opportunities.’ … And then I just let it rip. I say, ‘My friend just saw you go up to your room with a girl.’ No response from him. Complete silence from him. But I have his phone so I see him texting everybody.”

Skye noted that there was, in fact, no “friend” who witnessed anything. Instead, she was privy to the goings-on thanks to having access to the person’s messages.

“He’s texting his best friend like, ‘Oh, I fucked up,’” she explained. “He’s texting his people like, ‘I fucked up.’ His best friend is like, ‘Uh, just tell me what happened so I can get the lie ready,’ which is crazy because I thought these people actually, like, loved me. It’s been, like, 14 months since I’ve been with this fool. Like, living with this fool [and] around everything.”

Later, around the 7:36 mark, Skye revealed that it was the man in question who ultimately said “I’m done” amid the ensuing back-and-forth, prompting her to inform him that she had seen everything play out without him knowing.

“[He said] ‘Tell your friend they just ruined your relationship, I’m done,’” she recalled. “Honestly, when he said ‘I’m done,’ I was like, ’N***a, you’re done?’ And then I sent him a picture—I’m crazy—I sent him a picture of his phone in my hand on the text message where they were formulating this lie to tell me. And I said, ‘No, I’m done.’”

Back in October, fans assumed that Skye had parted ways with Giveon following a series of tweets in which the “In My Bag” singer referenced cheating. In one tweet, which remains live at the time of this writing, Skye referenced an unnamed person when stating there was “no turnin’ back” now.

“Lame ass, broke ass, miss me with that,” she said. “Period.”

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