Premiere: Johnny Rain Returns With "Seventeen/Peach" Video

Rain's 'Idol Blue' is coming soon.

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Johnny Rain is back with a pair of new tracks, both of which have been given the visual treatment in a new joint video co-directed by Rain himself.

"Seventeen," the first of the two new tracks, was written during a rough time for Rain. While diving into memories of his 17-year-old self, Rain started reflecting on how those experiences have influenced who he is today. With "Peach," Rain hopes to capture the duality of feeling completely lost but also open to personal growth.

"I'm an enormous fan of Florence Welch," Rain told Complex of his new collaboration with Tishaun Dawson. "She had a short film a few years back called The Odyssey comprised of nine visuals. The way she was able convey her story to the viewer/listener, it was this that inspired me to create this dual video—to express my story in a similar fashion, but in my own way."

Working with Dawson, Rain added, allows him to tap into his creative strengths. "He brings my vision to life in a special way that elevates my music every time," Rain said. "I've always been heavily involved in the creative process for my music and releases, but I rely a lot on team since they understand my creative process."

Catch Rain's new "Seventeen/Peach" video up top. Both tracks are also available on Apple Music and/or the streaming provider of your choice. Rain's new album, Idol Blue, is coming soon.

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