Jaden Smith Asks "What's Your Direction?" in This Existential Freestyle Over a Mr. Carmack Beat

Jaden stopped by the Soulection Beats 1 show to dive deeper into existentialism with this freestyle.

Doubt has played a key role in the rise of Jaden Smith. His still-discussedNew York Times by way of T Magazine interview, alongside sister Willow Smith, became fuel for detractors to further malign the young entrepreneur of creativity for failing to produce the sort of celebrity's child behavior to which American audiences are not only accustomed, but sadly crave in impossible-to-fulfill ways. Rebuking all of that in favor of a public journey toward individualism, Jaden turned doubt into a challenge — and, ultimately, a challenge into victory.

2015 has proven especially crucial in this rise, with a series of announcements and releases and brief disappearances from the Millennial Misfit. Already a few episodes deep into his Beats 1 show MSFTS Frequency, the Apple Music exposure has given Jaden the perfect platform to further hone his unique worldview — with some truly complementary guests ranging from Vic Mensa to his father Will Smith. Shortly after unleashing a MSFTSrep stream-of-consciousness video performance, Jaden dropped the Moisés Arias-helmed video (see below) for new track "Scarface." Less than a week later, we now have a new Jaden Smith freestyle to add to the MSFTS canon.

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Dropping brief philosophical questions over Mr. Carmack's "1994" beat on the Beats 1 show Soulection, Jaden asks the listener "What's your direction?" before attempting to provide an answer but — maybe — ultimately just deciding that not having the answer is the only answer possible. You can stream Jaden's freestyle here and/or here. The Millennial Misfit would appear to be gearing up for a larger release soon, so keep an eye and an ear out for both — or just keep refreshing this page.


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