Lil Pump now says he and J. Cole are "on good terms."

While being bothered on camera on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet Sunday, Pump gave curious fans another update on the Cole situation, though it's impossible to tell if the update is merely part of a larger ongoing Cole troll.

"I think so," Pump said when asked if he and Cole had beef. "I don't know. I don't know what's really going on . . . Shout-out to J. Cole. Esskeetit. I mean, I don't know, man. Y'all gotta ask J. Cole what's going on, you know? We going through some shit, I don't know. Nah, we good, we good. We on good terms."

During the same interview, Pump also discussed his Deadpool 2 collab with Diplo and his whirlwind year of success. "I just be having fun, man," Pump said when asked to name a highlight of the past year. "I don't be paying attention, you know. I just be doing shit and having fun. Youngest flexer over." See the full chat above.

Cole, albeit indirectly, spoke on the Pump and Smokepurpp situation during his recent extensive interview with Angie Martinez. Despite the lyrical content of "1985," Cole explained, he "fucks with" the younger generation's musical output. "I actually fuck with they music," he said. "It's not like I drive around listening to it, but I've spent time listening and being like 'Yo, this is fun.' It ain't about shit and it don't matter but this is fun."