Lil Pump made his television debut Wednesday night on the Tonight Show.

Assisted by a pair of enthusiastic dancers and a slew of confetti, Pump brought the Harvard Dropout cut "Esskeetit" to Studio 6-B. Sadly, the performance was not accompanied by the Roots. At any rate, catch it in full up top.

At last weekend's Billboard Music Awards, Pump suggested that he and J. Cole were now cool with each other. "I don't know," he said when asked about the supposed beef that's spawned a thousand articles. "I don't know what's really going on . . . Shout-out to J. Cole. Esskeetit. I mean, I don't know, man. Y'all gotta ask J. Cole what's going on, you know? We going through some shit, I don't know. Nah, we good, we good. We on good terms."

Shortly after that red carpet discussion, a clip of an apparent Pump x Cole interview surfaced:

Though it's not currently clear when, exactly, the full interview will be released, whoever's behind the official Rolling Loud Twitter account told an inquiring fan that they should expect to see it "soon."