J. Cole Highlights the Pitfalls of Chasing Money in "ATM" Video

'KOD' is out today.

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Light another one before you catch J. Cole's just-released new video for "ATM."

Cole dropped the video early Friday afternoon, mere hours after hitting fans with his new album KOD. Watch the new video for "ATM," directed by Scott Lazer and Cole, up top.


Earlier this month, no one even knew KOD existed. After alerting fans that something was afoot by changing up his social media profiles, Cole made things official by gifting fans with a special no-guest-list preview session and dropped the official cover art. Briefly, it appeared that KOD would break from the featurelessness of Cole's previous work with the addition of kiLL edward. That turned out to be something else entirely.

Kamau Haroon (Sixmau), the artist behind the KOD front and back cover art, spoke with Vibe earlier this week about what he hoped to capture with the painting. According to Sixmau, the Cole cover is the result of Cole being introduced to Sixmau's previous work for Childish Major.

"You're going to have to listen to the album," Sixmau said when asked to elaborate on Cole's vision. "It all ties in together. It was definitely a collaboration, a marriage of art and music. He told me what direction he was going in and then he gave me the freedom to portray it how I wanted."

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