Halsey Schools Idiot for Questioning Her Feminism Over 'Playboy' Cover

Always take every possible opportunity to school a dumbass on the internet.

Finally, some good news.

Halsey alerted fans to the idiotic ramblings of a doofus Tuesday, sharing a screenshot of a comments exchange prompted by her recent celebration of back-to-back cover features. Halsey's initial photo of the new covers (for Playboy and Flaunt, respectively) apparently inspired a man to attempt to tell the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom singer how to be a feminist, which is…just…what!?!?

"You are a feminist but you flash your boobs in Playboy magazine 🤔," the stupid comment reads. Halsey issued a lengthy response so good that I won't do it the disservice of excerpting it. Just read it in full below:

In her interview with Playboy's Rebecca Haithcoat, Halsey spoke about using her status as a public figure to raise awareness about social issues close to her heart. Halsey confirmed that her donations (including $100,000 to Planned Parenthood) come straight from her personal accounts, not via "a company" or charity.

"Other people have controlled this negative narrative that it's a low-income place, this place in the ghetto, this place for abortions, this place where drug users go, this place where 'slutty' girls go—I say 'slutty' in quotes because I'm rolling my eyes at it," Halsey said of her support for Planned Parenthood. "But it's a doctor’s office. I can afford some of the best health care in the fucking world and I still went there, because I trust it."

For more information on how to make your own donation to Planned Parenthood, click here.

Halsey launches the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour, featuring special guests Partynextdoor and Charli XCX, next month.

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