G Herbo Is Blocking Anyone Who Sends Him Viral Clip of Dancing Lookalike

The trend of lookalikes making headlines continues, this time with G Herbo promising to block anyone who sends him a certain viral clip.

g herbo and a viral clip
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g herbo and a viral clip

G Herbo is promising to start handing out blocks in response to a viral clip of a supposed lookalike.

As seen in the screen recording below of a recent Instagram Stories update from Herbo, the artist made sure to include a trio of rolling on the floor laughing emoji when responding to the clip, which shows the lookalike in question enjoying an uninhibited moment of dancing.


There are several clips of the individual in question that have made the rounds in recent weeks, though it’s the specific one mentioned above that ultimately inspired a public reaction from Herbo. On Thursday, Herbo also shared an important update to IG regarding his relationship with Machine Entertainment Group.

While early facets of the deal were later tweaked, specifically publishing, Herbo noted that even though he’s since partnered with larger labels, he’s never had a “direct deal” with any of them and has remained independent. Elaborating further, Herbo broke down some recent issues he’s had with Machine, resulting in them formally parting ways. However, this decision has resulted in an apparent legal back-and-forth which Herbo also touched on in his IG update. This back-and-forth remains ongoing, Herbo pointed out.

“All artists, young artists, you gotta stand your ground with what’s right," Herbo advised toward the end of the clip, seen below. "I’m blessed to be able to do this, to have the resources to be able to still provide for myself and my family and go to war in this way—the right way, the legal way, the righteous way—and win."

Survivor’s Remorse, Herbo’s most recent studio album, was released last October through Machine and Republic.

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