Frank Ocean Shocks Fans With 1-Minute Snippet of New Music

It's been more than seven years since 'Blonde' was released. Could a new album be on the horizon?

frank ocean on red carpet
Image via Getty/Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images
frank ocean on red carpet

Frank Ocean, whose most recent studio album Blonde arrived back in 2016, is teasing new music.

The clip first arrived via the @blonded account’s Instagram Stories, at which point it was swiftly screen-recorded and shared far and wide. The one-minute excerpt is driven by synth and vocals, no drums, and appears to be part of a larger song spanning three minutes and 48 seconds in length.

The first line we hear in the snippet sees Ocean looking back at his “younger self” before declaring another person’s assumptions “educated guesses.”

In fact, some fans have referred to the tentative track under the unofficial title "Younger Self," which itself brings to mind a key part of the larger Ocean story dating back to 2011. That year, Ocean penned a moving letter to his younger self, urging him to moving forward because “you’re going to master your gifts” and “become a lot stronger and wiser.” 

Complex has reached out to reps for Frank Ocean for comment on the new teaser. This story may be updated.

While it’s been over seven years since his most recent studio album, Ocean did share the tracks “Dear April” and “Cayendo” in 2020. Speculation about new music from Ocean has persisted since the moment Blonde rolled out, hitting a new peak earlier this year surrounding Coachella coverage. Amid the wait, it was reported that some fans had been scammed into paying substantial amounts of money for fake Frank leaks made using AI.

All that to say, fans are understandably stoked to have a new snippet to pore over.

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