Eminem's "Venom" Video Features a Shady Symbiote

The 'Venom' onslaught continues with an official video for Em's track of the same name.

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Just in time for the formal release of both Venom and its inevitable porn parody Vencum, Eminem has released an official video for his track of the same name. "Venom," I mean. There is somehow not an Eminem song titled "Vencum."

At any rate, catch the new video up top. Do note the appearance of a smashed-up compact disc copy of Em's 2017 album Revival in the video's opening moments. As mentioned, Venom and Vencum are also out today.

The track itself appears on Em's surprise-dropped Kamikaze album, which saw the Shady Records co-founder spending quite a large chunk of lyrical time directly addressing both his peers and the younger generation of artists currently driving the scene. Most notably, Em took seemingly belated aim at Machine Gun Kelly.


However, the two have since made up and are now planning a Watch the Throne-esque collaborative album and tour. Just kidding. In real life, more tracks were released to extend the disagreement, both of which MGK addressed during a recent tequila-assisted Breakfast Club interview.

"How disconnected are you?" MGK said, addressing the "Killshot" lyrical jabs. "You called me a mumble rapper? Oh my god. Can we just pour some out for this old dumbass?"

As for Venom, the movie, we deemed it outright terrible earlier this week. The tone is inarguably all over the place and Tom Hardy, proven talent though he may be, isn't enough to save it. However, it could be argued—and already has been with some conviction—that the movie is that unique brand of terrible that ultimately makes it a cult classic in years to come. Terrible, after all, can sometimes be a lot of fun.

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