People Made Their Own Album Covers in the Style of Drake's 'For All the Dogs'

Drake's album cover was designed by his five-year-old son Adonis, but these were made using something called AI-donis, apparently.

for all the dogs cover art
Image via Publicist
for all the dogs cover art

With For All the Dogs still in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart, the Drake discourse is sure to continue for the foreseeable future.

The cover art for the 6 god’s sixth album, which later received an update in the form of the Scary Hours Edition rollout, was created by his six-year-old son Adonis. Just before Dogs was unleashed onto the public, Adonis and his art took center stage in the surprise-dropped video for “8AM in Charlotte.

To further celebrate Dogs Day, Complex put together an album cover generator that allowed fans to make their own cover in the Dogs style. All fans had to do was input what they wanted to see represented on the cover, at which point the so-called "AI-donis" would generate an image. It's all pretty silly stuff.

So how, exactly, did this shake out among fans? See for yourself:

or just pick up a crayon and black paper

— GRANTATA™ ツ (@grantyb1212) October 6, 2023

you cannot recreate a hand drawn cover with AI

— werewolf says greenlight. (@stephstillalive) October 6, 2023

Album dropping next 420 🔥

— Weedmaps (@weedmaps) October 6, 2023

— garen🌑📦🇦🇲 (@moon_block24) October 6, 2023

And below, we’ve added in a mini-assortment of additional examples we made for the sheer hell of it. These were generated by typing in the following words and phrases while only halfway paying attention: pizza, Kanye West, "Summer Games," I Think You Should Leave, and the rarely heard expression “Yes! Let’s play Boar on the Floor right now!”

Illustration of a pepperoni pizza with scattered toppings
Artwork of a person with an expressive gaze, set against an abstract background
Childlike drawing of figures and bicycles on black background, evokes playful music theme
Childlike drawings of stick figures on a black background, resembling a chalkboard sketch
Child's drawing of a pig on a black background, used in an article related to music

For a deeper look back at For All the Dogs, including a breakdown of credited producers and featured artists, hit this link.

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