Donald Glover: 'This Is the Last Gambino Tour Ever'

At the first stop of his This Is America tour, Donald Glover reiterated to the crowd his intentions to retire Childish Gambino. "If you're at this show, then you know this is the last Gambino tour ever," he said.

Childish Gambino's This Is America tour got underway Thursday night in Atlanta, bringing the increasingly influential multi-hyphenate's latest musical creations to life as only Donald Glover can. In addition to the live debuts of new cuts "All Night" and "Algorhythm," the inaugural date also saw Glover again teasing the impending end of the Childish Gambino moniker.

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"Number one, if you're at this show, then you know this is the last Gambino tour ever," he told the crowd at the Infinite Energy Arena, as fans reported on Reddit. "I love you forever for supporting me and coming out for this shit. Second, if you're in here, that means you bought a ticket, so you don't need to film this shit. Experience this shit. This is not a concert. This is fucking church. If you're not here to celebrate life, if you're not here to enjoy your time here, if you're just here to hear your favorite song, you should go home right now and do that. I'm here to have an experience with y'all tonight, ya feel me?"

So thankful to be a part of Childish Gambino’s kick off to his final tour. It was the most incredible experience.

— pnut (@_paginah) September 7, 2018

As with his previous comments on finality, the distinction of last Gambino tour ever should give fans some peace of mind. Back in January, Glover spoke of "death clauses" and the importance of acknowledging chapters. "I think if a lot of things had death clauses in them, we wouldn't have a lot of problems in the world, to be honest," he said at the time, adding that he stands by his previous Gambino moniker retirement comments. "I think endings are good because they force things to get better."

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The This Is America tour continues this weekend in Chicago. In the meantime, revisit Gambino's just-released video for "Feels Like Summer."

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