Donald Glover Reveals His Pick for Best Kendrick Lamar Album

'Damn,' 'Butterfly,' or 'Good Kid'—which is superior?

With Solo: A Star Wars Story now just hours away from dropping at a theater near you, the amount of cast interviews—particularly with stars Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover—has finally reached its predictable fever pitch. In a new one for Noisey, Glover spent a generous three minutes making his way through the publication's "Questionnaire of Life" prompts.

Right at the top, Glover was asked to pick between Migos, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley. Glover, who previously called Migos this generation's Beatles, used the opportunity to again heap praise on the Georgia trio. "Maybe it's because, like, Migos is kind of a local band to me," he said. "They're from my hometown and I heard them all the time."

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Later, Glover explained his reasoning behind naming Damn., when asked to pick what he believes to be Kendrick Lamar's finest work. "All those albums are great, but Damn. is kind of an instant classic, right?" Glover said. "To Pimp a Butterfly is, like, off the wall where you're like these are some good songs and it has a purpose, but I feel like with Damn. he condensed all of it into one cohesive thing."

Glover was also asked to make snap decisions about droids, Biggie vs. Tupac vs. Jay Z, Prince vs. Michael Jackson vs. Justin Bieber, and more. See the full clip up top, then catch Solo this Friday before promptly flooding this subreddit with Glover-related praise.

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