Doja Cat Says ‘Demonic’ Critics in Her IG Comments ‘Won’t Matter and Never Did’ After Sharing Bloody Photos

Doja Cat is making good on her promise earlier this year to keep "playing with people's ignorance."

doja cat is seen at time 100 event
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doja cat is seen at time 100 event

Just over five months after publicly championing the pleasures one can get out of “playing with people’s ignorance and stupidity” for their own “happiness and personal gain,” Doja Cat is thankfully continuing the practice.

As seen in an Instagram Stories update this week, Doja—whose recently announced Scarlet Tour kicks off in San Francisco in October—let “all of the demonic people” in her comments know how little value they added to the world.

“All of the demonic people in my comment section won't matter and never did because it makes me feel amazing that the people I follow, who inspire me and make this life worth living and push me further creatively are the ones who I see leaving a like,” Doja said on Thursday.

doja cat instagram screenshot

The update came after a certain corner of the internet that lives neck-deep in woefully misguided conspiratorial thinking showed up with the modern equivalent of Satanic Panic in response to the sharing of characteristically playful, blood-assisted photos to Doja's IG.

While plenty of fans hopped into the comments to note that anyone criticizing the post (or posts like it) are clearly unfamiliar with Dojo’s history as an artist, with some further suggesting that such critics are either not fans at all or are only familiar with a handful of radio hits.

Of course, Doja has consistently called out such nonsense. Back in April, for example, she joked that Satan (who is not real) told her to thank the Satanic Panic types “for all the buzz.”

In that spirit, it's worth noting that I reached out to God for comment on this latest story. Here's what he had to say:

"Can you get me on the list for one of her shows this fall?"

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