Stream Chynna's First Posthumous Release "Stupkid"

The new song is produced by Kashaka and is released on what would have been Chynna's 26th birthday. The Philadelphia artist and model died earlier this year.


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The first posthumous track from Chynna, who died at the age of 25 earlier this year, has been released.

The new song, titled "stupkid," features production from Kashaka and also marks the first project to be released since Chynna's critically acclaimed in case i die first EP. The track’s release coincides with what would have been the Philadelphia artist and model's 26th birthday.


As a teenager, Chynna's artistry was discovered by the late ASAP Yams, a meeting of creative minds that would later lead to her releasing a number of beloved cuts including "Glen Coco" and "Selfie."


— A$AP MOB (@ASAPMOB) April 9, 2020

In a 2018 interview with Pitchfork, Chynna was asked how she managed to strike a balance between giving fans "enough of yourself" so that the music feels genuine while also keeping some things tucked away for you and only you. Chynna explained that, typically, she expressed herself or opened up about things she had been through only "in hindsight" when she felt she was no longer dealing with it in an active way.

"I see a lot of artists decide they want to go through shit with their fans, and that's cool because it gives your fans something to hold onto," Chynna said. "But I need to handle it myself first, and then, when I've figured out how I want to word it, we can talk about it—y'all not about to go through it with me."

Stream "stupkid" below:

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