Childish Gambino Manager on People Claiming "This Is America" Was Stolen: 'F*ck You and Your Moms'

You probably saw a few tweets about Gambino's mega-hit this weekend, with some going so far as to say the song was stolen from another artist. Now, Gambino's team has arrived with the facts.

An unfortunate side effect of the internet has been the speed with which opinions spouted as truths can spread. Take, for example, the fact that some rando can tweet about one song supposedly ripping off another, then that tweet gets cited as a legitimate source in multiple articles with no consideration given to the fact that, hey, some rando tweeted this. Truth has taken a backseat and Donald Trump is driving the car, metaphorically, so we're all probably careening toward a complete and total detachment from reality. Until then, let's give it up for people like Childish Gambino co-manager Fam Udeorji, who has no issue calling out bullshit as he sees it.

As you likely saw peppered into your timeline over the weekend, Gambino's "This Is America" was at the center of a tweeted debate about the song's relationship to Jase Harley's 2016 track "American Pharaoh." Some simply argued that Gambino was inspired by the track, while others full-on accused him of stealing the entire song. As the beats and overall composition of the two tracks are obviously quite different, the "stealing" notion feels like quite a stretch. Furthermore, as Fam pointed out in a tweet early Monday, "This Is America" actually dates back to three years ago, and he has the Pro Tools proof. "But fuck you and your moms, and your future fetuses," he added. "Stay blessed."

The last time Fam had to call out bullshit, we had briefly been led to believe—by way of a Billboardreport—that Gambino had added Tyler, the Creator to his upcoming tour. The report was later removed entirely, with Fam disputing its veracity in a statement to Vibe.

As for "This Is America," the track is still making waves, most recently with an impromptu mini-performance at this weekend's BET Awards in Los Angeles.

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