Cardi B Says She Won’t Even Bother Leaving the House for a Performance Unless She’s Making '$1 Million and Up'

Cardi B also urged all haters to "suck my d*ck together."

cardi b holding microphone
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cardi b holding microphone

Cardi B says she doesn’t bother leaving the house for a performance unless she’s making at least $1 million.

The statement arrived amid a Twitter Spaces session from the “Bongos” artist, who was the subject of recent comments from fellow Love & Hp Hop alum Hazel-E, including (but not limited to) claims that she and Girl Code Inc. didn’t get properly respected for their alleged behind-the-scenes impact on the “Bodak Yellow” video shoot in Dubai.

To be clear, Cardi doesn’t mention anyone by name in her latest audio message; in fact, she repeatedly makes references to unnamed detractors and haters in the plural form, suggesting the statement is intended to serve as her assessment of the chatter at large.

"I’m a real powerful bitch, bro. I’m a real powerful bitch," Cardi said, as heard below. "Because you know what’s so funny? There’s certain reasons why bitches just don’t like you. Bitches just don’t like you sometimes because you’re probably a bitch’s competition, or you probably fucked the same n***a, or y'all got into an exchange. But I’m a real powerful bitch. I be making these bitches pull they fucking pussy hairs and I don’t even know these hoes. Like, these hoes don’t even fucking sit on my fucking mind."

Deeper into her statement, Cardi addressed those who “don’t like her,” a stance she says is due solely to her success.

“I don’t even fucking come out the house to perform if it’s not $1 million and up,” she said. “I don’t even come out the fucking house if you motherfuckers not paying me $1 million and fucking up for a fucking show. The fuck? If you want me to take a fucking plane overseas, bitch, it gotta be $1.5 million to $2 million.”

From there, she said “bitches” are targeting her with negativity even when she’s in her “off-season.” At the time of the Spaces session, for example, Cardi said she was busy with comparing pumpkin and sweet potato pies while other people continued to discuss her on social media. According to Cardi, these individuals are jealous of her position in life, both as an artist and beyond.

“All you bitches can suck my dick together,” she said.

While this year hasn't brought Cardi fans the long-awaited follow-up to her Invasion of Privacy album, it has given them a reunion with Megan Thee Stallion in the form of the aforementioned single "Bongos." Cardi’s 2023 has also featured collabs with Latto, FendiDa Rappa, and her husband Offset.

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