Camila Cabello Squashes Rumor About Taylor Swift Telling Her to Ditch Fifth Harmony

Camila is joining Charli XCX on Taylor's stadium tour in May.


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Camila Cabello, who's now widely regarded as the inventor of impromptu airport security line photoshoots, is putting a dumb rumor to rest.

Cabello, understandably, recently confirmed that she was "annoyed" by the rumor that Taylor Swift was the one who convinced her to pursue a solo career in lieu of continuing forward with Fifth Harmony. "Absolutely nobody could ever persuade me to do something," she told the Sun. "If I don't want to do something, the whole world could be telling me and I won't do it. And if I do, then the whole world could be telling me to not do it and I'll do it. I've always been that way."

Whenever she and Swift do spend time together, Cabello added, the topic of discussion is usually somewhere in the general vicinity of "love and boys."

Cabello will join Charli XCX on Swift's upcoming Reputation-supporting stadium tour in May. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cabello said the tour is a "dream come true," likening the masterful pop pairing to a slumber party. "I'm, like, really looking forward to the tour hangs, you know?" she said.

woke up this morning and was like, oh shit, it’s not a dream, i really am going on tour with @taylorswift13 and @Camila_Cabello and it’s going to be a totally wild/crazy/girl power situation. HELL YEAH 💞⚡️

— Charli (@charli_xcx) March 2, 2018

Charli, meanwhile, joked that she's worried about having to alter her inspiringly R-rated stage banter for the tour. "I really, like, swear a lot when I'm on stage as well, and that just cannot happen," she said on Beats 1 earlier this month." I really have to behave."

on every level, this is a dream come true, thank you Taylor for having me from the bottom of my heart, i love you so much !!!!!!!!

— camila (@Camila_Cabello) March 2, 2018

On Thursday, Charli hit L.A. with the first of two special Pop 2 experiences. Brooke Candy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mykki Blanco, and many more joined Charli for the thankfully riotous El Rey show and afterparty. Though Cabello wasn't around for the proceedings, hopefully the Swift tour results in a future collab or three.

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