Body Cam Footage Shows Boosie Badazz Cuffed During Traffic Stop, Says Georgia Police Are Targeting Him

The footage is dated July 12 and sees Boosie Badazz and another individual being cuffed after Fairburn police pulled them over for tinted windows.

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Footage has been released showing Boosie Badazz being handcuffed during a traffic stop in Georgia.

The body cam video, released by TMZ on Thursday, is dated July 12 and reported to stem from a traffic stop police claimed was initiated by tinted windows and concealed tags, which is often a traffic stop tactic used for targeting. Boosie, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was cuffed alongside another individual since identified as De’Shun Lawrence.

“I can’t be going through this though, bro. … It’s harassment, it’s every day,” Boosie is heard saying at one point in the footage. “I can’t even live. I moved to the country to fuckin’ live, bro.”

Though the TMZ report doesn’t clarify which agency or agencies handled the traffic stop, a look at the cruisers seen in the body cam footage shows the Fairburn Police Department in Fulton County was involved.

Boosie grows increasingly frustrated with the circumstances of the stop, at one point shouting, “Lock me up for whatever the fuck you want to lock me up for” and adding that he’s “tired of being fucked with.” He is also heard threatening to sue, as well as noting he wouldn’t be harassed if he were a white college athlete.

“Car’s not stolen, registration is right, the tag is right. … You fucking motherfuckers are targeting my vehicles,” he says.

Ultimately, the stop resulted in a minor citation for marijuana, which (of course) shouldn’t be a cause of concern for anyone, particularly police. 

At the time of this writing, Boosie had not publicly addressed the traffic stop incident, nor had he commented on the release of body cam footage.

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