Bhad Bhabie Picks Apart Dr. Phil's Comments About 'Troubled Teen' Center Abuse Allegations (UPDATE)

According to Bhad Bhabie, Dr. Phil isn't being forthcoming about his level of involvement with the Turn-About Ranch center for "troubled teens."

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UPDATED 4/8 10:40 a.m. ET: Paris Hilton, who’s previously shown support for Bhad Bhabie amid her abuse allegations against the Turn-About Ranch, is now said to be in talks about a partnership aimed at advocating for survivors.

According to a new TMZ report, Hilton praised Bhad Bhabie’s recent efforts and said she hopes the Dr. Phil Show team will stop spreading what she says is “the false narrative that these places heal kids.”

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Bhad Bhabie has shared a detailed response to Dr. Phil’s recent interview with Ashleigh Banfield in which the frequently questioned psychology-focused TV personality addressed the abuse allegations centered on Turn-About Ranch’s “troubled teens” facility in Utah.

Back in March, Bhad Bhabie—whose real name is Danielle Bregoli—shared an eight-minute video titled “Breaking Code Silence.” In it, Bregoli spoke on the alleged abuse she says she received while at Turn-About Ranch following a widely shared 2016 Dr. Phil Show appearance.

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In the new video, shared Wednesday, Bregoli went through a number of the claims Phil made during his Banfield Show interview, offering a dispute for each.  

“Malnourishing, humiliating, screaming at, sleep-depriving—that’s not fucking tough love,” she said in the new eight-minute video.

Bregoli criticized the interview’s set-up, noting they focused on the sleep-deprivation accusation she made and largely ignored the additional details. She also said she’s been made aware of suits against the facility involving what she described as murder, sexual abuse, and torture.

Speaking specifically on Phil’s claim of no direct involvement with the facility and a lack of feedback, Bregoli said Phil wasn’t being honest.

“Are you fucking nuts?” she said Wednesday. “Are you actually fucking nuts? I’m really trying to keep my composure. These two are really not making it easy.” According to Bregoli, her mother signed a consent of release of information agreement in which it was required that progress reports be sent directly from Turn-About Ranch to Dr. Phil Show.

“So when you say that you don’t have any fucking feedback from them, that is not true!” she said. “So if you’re saying you don’t have any feedback, maybe you should be getting feedback about these places before you’re just sending multiple people’s fucking kids here. You’re just trying to save your ass. That’s all you’re trying to do is save your ass. But there’s too many stories and there’s too many people behind this that you can’t save your ass anymore.”

Bregoli—who previously demanded an apology from Phil—also emphasized that she was inspired to come forward by Hannah Archuleta, who also appeared on Phil’s show and alleges she was sexually abused while at Turn-About.

Complex has reached out to Turn-About Ranch for comment.

Moving forward, Bregoli has asked teens who appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and/or have been victims of alleged abuse at Turn-About or other facilities to share their stories via email. Click here for more info.

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