ASAP Rocky's Suspended Sweden Sentence Will Not Be Appealed by Prosecutor

Meanwhile, Rocky is set to drop "Babushka Boi" soon.


Image via Getty/Roberto Finizio/NurPhoto


ASAP Rocky is putting his Sweden issues even further behind him with word Tuesday that the prosecutor in the assault case would not be appealing the previously announced suspended sentence.

In a statement obtained by Variety, prosecutor Daniel Suneson said he had "accepted" the court's move.

"In my opinion, the criminal act has a somewhat higher penal value than the two months decided by the District Court; however, after due consideration, I have chosen not to appeal the verdict," Suneson said. "All three defendants have in fact been brought to justice for assault and the District Court has dismissed the plea of self-defense, something that I believe was important to clarify in this particular case."

Rocky, who was found guilty earlier this month and not given more jail time, had pleaded not guilty to the charge and described his encounter with 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari as having started with harassment on the street aimed at him and his team.

Upon his return to the States, Rocky has resumed his prolific approach to creativity. Monday, he teased the impending release of "Babushka Boi." His return also resulted in a truly hilarious Yahoo article in which it was said that the Trump-stained White House had been effectively ghosted by Rocky and his team.

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