Five People Were Reportedly Arrested on The Set of a French Montana, Ja Rule, and Busta Rhymes Video

The arrests were reportedly related to weapons, cocaine, molly, and weed.

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According to New York Daily News, five people were arrested on the Brooklyn set of a French Montana video featuring Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule. The arrests supposedly occurred after undercover police officers infiltrated the production in response to residents' reports of seeing exposed firearms and various drugs during filming. Those arrested include three men and two women, collectively acing a variety of weapons and drugs charges.

Several pistols were recovered during the officers' infiltration — in addition to undisclosed amounts of cocaine, weed, and molly. The NYDN report cites the video as being a Coke Boys production and a possible homage to Chinx, who was murdered earlier this month in a tragic shooting incident. Additionally, at least 150 people were on the set of the production at the time of the arrests.

Montana was active on Instagram and Twitter during the video shoot, though he made no mention of the arrests or related incidents.


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