50 Cent Pokes Fun at Financial Problems in Hilarious 'MTV Cribs' Parody

50 Cent takes part in an 'MTV Cribs' parody that pokes fun at his recent financial problems.

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50 Cent clearly isn't sweating the post-bankruptcy life. In fact, 50 was kind enough to show fans and haters alike how to live reasonably large on a budget in a hilariousMTV Cribs parody aptly dubbed In Da Hostel. In just under three minutes, the G-Unit leader takes curious minds on a jovial tour of his budget-friendly spread at a hostel in Barcelona. Okay, okay, so it's not technically his budget-friendly spread, as the clip serves as an ad for the online booking company Hostelworld, but it's still funny to see 50 going along with it.

Among the many amenities of living the 50 Cent-approved hostel life? Plenty of "dope-ass books," at least one bean bag, and the chance to crush this guy at foosball on camera:

50 gave MTV a tour of of his non-hostel living quarters in Connecticut back in 2007, a clip more than worth a revisit in light of recent events (and this top-shelf parody).

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All jokes aside, 50 filing for bankruptcy in 2015 in no way means dude is actually broke. Though he admitted to flexing with fake cash on Instagram, 50 will ultimately be just fine. Robert Gregg, president of Mainline Partners in Brooklyn, broke down what exactly goes down in a Chapter 11 filing for us last summer. "Look at Donald Trump," Gregg told Complex. "I think Donald filed for bankruptcy on multiple occasions. It's not because the person has no money so to speak. A lot of times they may have entered into an agreement which at the present moment may not be favorable."

As long as In Da Hostel actually becomes a real TV series, no complaints here.

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