When we think of happy things, things that make the world a better and more tolerable place to spend one's entire existence, the first thing that comes to mind is usually MTV Cribs. From the extremely classic Redman episode all the way to the tame but still entertaining Melissa Joan Hart appearance (and all the way back to the legendary Mariah Carey tour), Cribs offered home-envying fans the unique opportunity of getting (supposedly real) glimpses at their favorite celebs' private living quarters. MTV knows this, with Variety reporting that the network is hard at work on reviving the classic for a new generation of jealousy.

The only catch to this reboot, however, is that MTV is giving new life to Cribs via a short-form program airing exclusively on Snapchat. This fresh take on Cribs, set to kick off in June, will feature different celebrities each week guiding Snapchat users through their respective homes, just like old times. Though a full slate of guests hasn't been unveiled, Variety confirms that Mac Miller, Travis Mills, and Austin Mahone have already secured appearances.

MTV, perhaps fueled by a recent deal between parent company Viacom and Snapchat, is also prepping a sex and relationship advice series for Snapchat entitled Pants Off. Hosted by YouTube activist Laci Green, Pants Off will utilized a new "auto-advance" technology that Variety says will allow viewers to mash video, gifs, and interviews up into one linear experience.

But anyway, back to Cribs:

As the year is 2016, perhaps MTV's Snapchat reboot means we'll get some equally classic Cribs moments from, say, the entire cast of Broad City?