50 Cent was back in bankruptcy court today, and according to a report from the AP, the NYC rapper admitted that the money he posts on Instagram isn't real. Because of the questions over the money that 50 has posted on the 'Gram over the past few months, Judge Ann Nevins has reportedly ordered that he appear in court tomorrow to explain the photos and the story behind the money. This is kind of a stunning admission from 50, who back in October spelled out the word "Broke" with stacks of cash that he now says was not real money.

If you remember, 50 posted that picture on Instagram in response to Rick Ross calling him broke during an interview. There was also a picture of 50 laying in his bed with more stacks of money, but again, he said those were also fake. He will now have to prove to Judge Nevins that the money in the pictures was fake and that he's not hiding any assets from the court. 50 is currently in the middle of a bankruptcy trial where he's had to turn over his assets and funds to the court, and it's unclear what his Instagram stunting might do to his case. We've reached out to 50's reps for comment on this story and will continue to update as more details come out.