Joe Armon-Jones' "Icy Roads (Stacked)" Is A Dub-Infused Jazz Wonder

Float away with the sounds of Joe Armon-Jones...

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Ezra Collective pianist Joe Armon-Jones is dazzling us once again. Diverting from the band's recognisable sound, Jones reverts back to his dub-infused ambience for his new solo single "Icy Roads (Stacked)". The track implements his signature sparkly keys, yet also sheds light on his ability as a jazz architect in his composition and production. "Icy Roads (Stacked)" provides a wholesome, climactic structure, within which he is able to show off his proficiency on the black and white.

Jones' debut album, Starting Today, released in 2018 to much critical acclaim, consolidated what was already a growing persona around the implementation of dub music into jazz. A sound which has experienced much success—along with his work on the Ezra album You Can’t Steal My Joy—will see him perform at many UK festivals this year.

Listen to "Icy Roads (Stacked)" above.

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