Premiere: London Soul Boy Dayo Bello Shares New Video For "Mine"

Some feel-good pop-soul for your headtop.

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Young Londoner Dayo Bello made sizeable waves earlier in the year with the release of his captivating single, "Mine"—a heartfelt and sombre ballad. Fusing elements of gospel and contemporary R&B, Dayo Bello is bringing something unique to the British musical landscape, and he is one you should be watching as he rolls out his emotive offerings.

Today, Dayo shares the video for "Mine"—which was shot on a council estate to "show everyone there is beauty in London estates." In an email to Complex, Bello went on to explain the concept behind the visual:

"This video represents the journey you go through when you're no longer with somebody but you both still want to be with each other. The girl, who is my girlfriend in real life, begins journeying through a London estate which represents my upbringing and my surroundings. She's walking while sad, as we've broken up, but then she stumbles across typical living room lampshades which lead to more lampshades which eventually lead a path to me. As she sees the lampshades, she is intrigued as it's not normal to see lit up lampshades in the middle of an estate. As she sees more and more, she realises slowly that they could have something to do with me. She touches them, analyses them and thinks about whether it's the right time to come back to me. With every lamp brings a different memory and feeling she felt in our relationship. Her heart wants to continue to follow the path, but her head is telling her otherwise."

Peep the Freddie Wright-directed video exclusively above.

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