Premiere: Brad Stank Returns With Lo-Fi R&B Cut "Pond Weed"

The Liverpudlian remains fresh in our minds and high on our playlists.

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Following last month's impressive "O.T.D"—released on limited 7" vinyl—Liverpool's own Brad Stank remains fresh in our minds and high on our playlists as he doubles back with another similarly slow-burning R&B jam. Capturing his sweet spot of hazy, melancholic musings, Brad slides in and out of crisp instrumentation, layered as thick and gloomy as its title would suggest. That being said, the best detailer of the number comes from the man himself: "It's a half love song, half diss track to a certain herbal tycoon—a confessional slice of Saturday morning R&B from me to you."

Clocking in at a perfect 4.20, get into the new track above.

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